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Ramadan Mubarak

Dear Muslim Sisters and Brothers,

During this time of observing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, I am honored to extend greetings to the Saskatchewan Muslim community on behalf of Multi-Faith Saskatchewan.

Our community is enriched by the presence of many world religions, faiths and beliefs. But more than their presence, faith groups such as the Muslim community contribute significantly to building a strong society.

Holy Days such as Ramadan are vital to the spiritual growth of Muslims as a time to engage in prayer and spiritual reflection, self-discipline and sacrifice.

It is our hope that this holy month allows you to enjoy time with family and community, and to extend hospitality, to reach out to others in need and to devote time to worship and prayer to the Creator.

Blessings and peace,

Moses Kanhai


Multi-Faith Saskatchewan


Highlights of May 31 Board Meeting

A meeting of the MFS Board scheduled for May 22 in Davidson, had to be postponed due to insufficient attendance. The meeting was rescheduled for May 31 by Skype. The following are some highlights of the meeting:

  • A follow-up Report has been prepared for submission to SaskCulture as a requirement for funding MFS received for NAIN Connect 2015 and ongoing activities.
  • A Report is being prepared for Corporate Registry before MFS can change signing authorities at the bank.
  • NAIN 2016, July 10 -13, ,will be held in Guadalaraja, Mexico. The Board supports the idea of someone from Saskatchewan attending but will need to find ways to provide financial assistance.
  • Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan will hold its AGM June 11,  in Saskatoon. MFS will send a delegate.
  • SaskCulture will hold its AGM June 17, in Regina and MFS will be represented.
  • MFS is participating in regular meetings of Canadian Multi-Faith Federation, a network of inter-faith organizations in various provinces. The CMF is actively promoting Spiritual and Religious Care Awareness Week (SRCAW) October 17 to 13, 2016.
  • MFS has started conversations with the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC), a national organization devoted to chaplaincy and spiritual care work in health care, corrections and defence contexts.
  • Luther College, University of Regina, has invited MFS to talk about a possible partnership.
  • The Youth Visual Arts Projection April 23  was a huge success and included a theme speaker on care of the earth and a display of art work and presentations of awards to winning students. There were 47 entries and the judges selected 17.
  • Displays of art are planned for Yorkton, Estevan and Moose Jaw.
  • MFS has been approached to sponsor a speech contest on multi-faith themes among high schools.
  • MFS may join conversations being led by Bishop Don Bolen of Saskatoon to develop a letter to the minister of Health around assisted dying or suicide, and another of the number of hospice beds.
  • The Board is considering an extended meeting to discuss plans for the next year.
  • The Board supports the idea of reaching out to more individuals and orgaizations to become members.

Board Meeting Rescheduled to May 31 10 a.m.

The Board Meeting planned for May 22nd (Sunday) at Davidson has been rescheduled to Tuesday May 31 at 10 a.m. by Skype Conference Call. Non Board members who wish to join the conference call should send their Skype name to Moses Kanhai, President.     

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan has sent a letter to the Premier of Saskatchewan suggesting a moment of spiritual reflection to open legislative sessions.


Honorable Brad Wall

Premier, Government of Saskatchewan

Room 226

2405 Legislative Drive,

Regina, SK, Canada,

S4S 0B3


Dear Premier,

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan commends the Government of Saskatchewan for opening its legislative sessions with a spiritual invocation.  As the umbrella organization for world religions in Saskatchewan, we believe it is both appropriate and important for meetings of governing bodies such as the Saskatchewan Legislature to open meetings with some form of spiritual reflection.

We believe also that this moment of reflection should be respectful of and a reflection of all faiths as well as those who do not identify with any particular faith or perhaps with no faith.

Whereas it is a common practice to open meetings with a Christian prayer, we respectfully encourage you to consider other more inclusive alternatives for an opening invocation.

Before offering our suggestion for a possible opening reflection at legislative meetings, we propose another important practice that is already in use in some legislative bodies and one that will reflect the principle mentioned earlier and is truly reflective of our history and culture.

We recommend that the Saskatchewan legislature, and all other governing bodies, open meetings with an acknowledgement of the traditional territory of our First Nations peoples who lived and walked on this land that we now call home. For meetings held in Treat Four land, such as Regina and area, the acknowledgement will include the First Nations of this territory.

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan, therefore, is honored to share the language of a possible opening “acknowledgement” at legislative meetings. The statement is as follows:

As we open this meeting of this legislative body, we acknowledge that we are representing the people who elected us to this body. We acknowledge also that we are accountable to a greater power known by many names and reflected by many images. May we have wisdom, courage and patience to do what is good and right for all.

 May we act in the spirit of collaboration, humility and kindness and a belief in the equality of all people.

We acknowledge also that we are meeting on lands that our aboriginal peoples once called home. We are all treaty people and we meet on land of the Treaty Four people, including the Cree and the Salteaux Nations and honor their stewardship of the land over generations.

(Close by inviting members to a moment of silent reflection or prayer according to their own traditions).

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan is pleased to offer to you our support, Sir,  in any way you think is appropriate to consider the issue of spiritual values and public life or more specifically on the form and content of an opening reflection to open legislative proceedings reflective of the diversity of our province.

We welcome the opportunity, if you feel it is necessary or helpful, to meet with you or your representatives, to discuss how we might support you in a way that will benefit all of the people of this province.

 I look forward hearing from you.

In faith,


Moses Kanhai






A project highlighting brief history of faiths in Saskatchewan was done and several brochures were created for community usage. The project was done jointly by Multi-Faith Saskatchewan and Regina Multi-Faith Forum. The description of faiths was obtained by consulting representatives from different faith groups. The project committee acknowledged the support of Multi Cultural Council of Saskatchewan in updating the information  gathered for the Saskatchewan Centennial Project “100 years of Different Faiths” which was completed in year 2005. Please refer to the attached brochure by clicking on the link: History of SK Faiths-Brochure