Presidents Corner

Presidents Corner

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Friends in faith,

As I begin my term as President of Multi-Faith Saskatchewan, I am overwhelmed with a range of hopes, feelings, joys and fears.  When I think of the builders of the multi-faith movement in Saskatchewan, I am painfully aware of how inexperienced I am and how much I need to know about the potential for inter-faith to change the world.

As a provincial body, we are just barely scratching the surface of what we can do. At the moment, our focus is on supporting the work of multi-faith in communities across the province. I addition we are engaged in some provincial projects most notably the Saskatchewan Youth Visual Arts Program.

We have developed valuable and informative resources about how various faiths and world religions show their commitment to health and the environment.

There is so much more we can do. Our hearts and minds are bursting with ideas about how faiths can engage with each other, share, dialogue, and collaborate to express our common views on peace, harmony and belief in the Creator.

And so, through this opening message, I invite all Saskatchewan people of all faiths, or of no faith, to join us in this journey to create a stronger society and a better world through inter-faith understanding.

Wherever you are, in communities of any size, I urge you to find out who your neighbours are, what their faith traditions are, and learn from each other. This may lead to forming a multi-faith group of your own or simply to bring multi-faith understanding to your own faith community.

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan is committed to helping communities to make multi-faith a part of the fabric of your everyday lives.

If you want to get involved at the provincial level, please join us. Get in touch with us, become a member, attend our meetings, follow some of our activities described on our website.

I look forward to my limited time as president, to bringing whatever small gifts I have to share. But I know the journey will be easier if we all join together and bring the gifts of your faith communities and of your individual members.

I am so grateful for the confidence the membership has placed in me and I pray for the guidance of the Creator to help me earn your trust.

I wish you peace, shalom, salaam.

Moses Kanhai

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