About Us

About Us

At Multi-Faith Saskatchewan, we aim to initiate, foster, and assist in the development and operation of multifaith groups in Saskatchewan. We want to help these groups understand, appreciate, and accept the diverse faith communities in their area.

We want to help multifaith groups increase awareness in their communities of the beliefs and special needs of all faiths as well as help these groups to work for a just and peaceful society by moderating and eliminating prejudices that hinder the development of such a society.

We also promote association, cooperation, and mutual understanding among provincial single faith organizations.

At Multi-Faith Saskatchewan, we work both with provincial and national organizations with similar aims and objectives.

Multifaith Saskatchewan can be reached by email at mfsask2007 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Our postal address is: P.O. Box 32117, Regina, SK, S4N 7L2 CANADA