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Rev. Colin Clay – Rest in Peace

Rev. Colin Clay – Rest in Peace

Rev. Canon Dr. Colin Clay

Multifaith Saskatchewan is sad to announce the death of one of our founders, the Rev. Canon Dr. Colin Clay on July 6 in Saskatoon. We give thanks for the life and ministry of our friend and colleague. His contributions to interfaith relations in Saskatchewan are unmatched.

A veteran of the Korean war, Colin was ordained priest in 1958 at Southwark Cathedral (London) in the Church of England. He emigrated to Canada in 1959 where he served first in Sudbury and since 1977 in Saskatoon. He later discovered that he was ordained the same day as his great friend, Fr. Bernard de Margerie. Together they were responsible for numerous ecumenical and interfaith projects across Saskatchewan. Colin retired in 2000 from his post as ecumenical chaplain at the University of Saskatchewan, allowing him to become further engaged in his passion for interfaith relations. His long-time leadership in Multifaith Saskatoon led to the proposal to gather other Saskatchewan interfaith groups together into Multifaith Saskatchewan. Colin served as president of MFS and in other capacities for many years.

In addition to his interfaith work, Colin remained an active priest in the Anglican Diocese of Saskatoon. He served as president of the former Saskatoon Council of Churches, led numerous social justice projects, and served as chaplain to the Korean War Veterans. His experience in Korea gave him a lifelong commitment to peace.

An obituary has been published by the Saskatoon Funeral Home. The funeral will be on Monday, July 25, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. at St. John’s Anglican Cathedral, 816 Spadina Crescent E, Saskatoon. The funeral will also be livestreamed for those not able to attend in person. The link will be placed in the obituary on the day of the service.

MFS Elections 2022

MFS Elections 2022

At the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, May 29, 2022 the participants elected new representatives for four positions. There continue to be vacancies. The Board is authorized to appoint members to these positions should a candidate become available. The newly elected members for a two-year term (2022-2024) are:

  • Vice-President: Liu Lafontaine (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
  • Communications: Nicholas Jesson (Roman Catholic) – also Past President
  • Southern region: Moses Kanhai (United Church)

Gagan Deep Singh (Sikh) was re-elected as Southern region representative (2021-2023) to fill a vacancy created as Liu Lafontaine becomes Vice-President.

There remain vacancies for President (2022-2024), two Northern region representatives (2021-2023 and 2022-2024), and Treasurer.

Nominations may be sent to Nicholas Jesson (Past President) at njesson [at] archregina [dot] sk [dot] ca

Multifaith Saskatchewan AGM – May 29 at 3pm

Multifaith Saskatchewan AGM – May 29 at 3pm

The Multifaith Saskatchewan AGM will be on Sunday, May 29 at 3pm. This meeting is held online to facilitate participation from across the province. Please put it in your calendars now.

Please email njesson [at] archregina [dot] sk [dot] ca for the Zoom meeting link

Our speaker for the AGM will be Scott Cruikshank from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We have invited Scott to speak about the Latter-day Saints’ interest in interfaith activities. Scott works with Sask Justice as a dispute resolution consultant and mediator. Born and raised in Regina, he is a father of four and grandfather of one.

In addition, at the AGM we will be holding elections for the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Communications
  • Southern Rep (2022-2024)
  • Northern Rep (2021-2023)
  • Northern Rep (2022-2024)

Nominations for any of these positions may be sent to Nicholas Jesson (njesson [at] archregina [dot] sk [dot] ca). We welcome self-nominations! No experience is necessary. These positions are described in the MFS Constitution at  If you have questions about the Board and its responsibilities, please contact me at the same address.

Download the AGM May 29 2022 Agenda and the 2021 AGM MF-SK Minutes.

Saskatchewan Visual Art Awards 2022

Saskatchewan Visual Art Awards 2022

Multifaith Saskatchewan is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Saskatchewan Visual Art Awards. A celebration of art, faith, and spirituality: Saskatchewan youth working through visual arts for peace, unity, and care of the earth. Celebrate what makes life better for you, for all humankind, and for our planet.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the following students. A total of 43 works were submitted this year. Any visual media (sketching, painting, computer-generated digital art, etc…) was eligible. Three independent adjudicators judged the works based upon the following criteria: the message; artistic excellence; originality; and impact on the viewer.

The 2022 winners are:
1st  Alyssa Magnusson, Relief,
2nd  Jayde Richter, The Burning Sand Mandala
3rd  KC Castillo, Duality
4th  Martha Hamad, Forbidden Coils

5th  Brielle Parry, Brilliance of Nature
5th  Jason Leboeuf, Gabby

6th  Athanasia Danakas-Weinkauf, Impact
6th  Jacey Diaz Fowler, Prince of Flowers
6th  Myah Clatney, Bound
6th  Rachel Sawitsky, The Hand of God

7th  Cassie Duquette-Schaan, The Impact of Residential Schools
7th  Fatima Imran, Speak Out
7th  Jhamila Tayong, Gatherer
7th  Pamela McEwen, Growth Beyond the Surface
7th  Savannah Sullivan, Unconditional Love

Award presentation: Friday, April 22, 2022 at 1 pm in the Theatre at the Regina Public Library, 2311 12th Ave, Regina. All are welcome.

The winning entries will be displayed June 6-July 31 in the Dunlop Gallery, Regina. A touring display will be available beginning in August. Local community associations are invited to contact us about scheduling. Email mfsask2007 [at] yahoo [dot] com for details.

Alyssa Magnusson, "Relief"

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First Prize
Artist: Alyssa Magnusson, Grade 12
Title: Relief
Medium: Oil Pastel
Dimension: 18 x 24
Artist's statement: This piece is focusing on the theme “We are a part of nature”. Growing up surrounded by the prairies, my backyard was always a vast wheat field. It has become a symbol of home for me and so many others and is something that will always be a part of where I come from. This piece shows a woman surrounded by wheat with a peaceful soothing expression. This represents my feelings about how I connect with the prairies; a place that has had a significant impact on my life.
Teacher: Lisa Novak, Dr. Martin LeBoldus Catholic High School, Regina

Multifaith Saskatchewan is pleased to acknowledge our sponsors: Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, Saskatchewan Art Educators’ Association, Dunlop Gallery (Regina Public Library), Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, Sask Culture, Dr. Renatta Varma (Regina Retina Centre), Access Communications, Rotary Club|Regina Eastview, and B’nai Brith Lodge 739.

Deadline extended: Visual Arts Project 2022

Deadline extended: Visual Arts Project 2022

The Visual Arts Project 2022 deadline has been extended by 1 week until Friday, April 8.

Students and teachers may submit artwork directly to mfsask2007 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Please follow the submission instructions available here.

The Award Presentation will be Friday, April 22 at 1pm in the Theatre at the Regina Public Library, 2311 12th Ave., Regina.

The winning entries will be displayed June 6-July 31 in the Dunlop Gallery, Regina. A touring display will be available beginning in August. Local community associations are invited to contact us about scheduling.

On the Second Anniversary of the Pandemic: An Invitation to Solidarity

On the Second Anniversary of the Pandemic: An Invitation to Solidarity

Canadian Interfaith Conversation - Conversation Interreligieuse CanadienneMarch 11, 2022 marks the two-year anniversary of the World Health Organization characterizing COVID19 as a pandemic. Mindful of the lasting hardships that have followed, the Canadian Interfaith Conversation (CIC) has developed, An Invitation to Solidarity inviting religious organizations to mark the period March 11-21, 2022 as a Canada-wide period of remembrance and reflection.

Religious institutions are invited to observe 11-21 March 2022 as a Canada-wide period of remembrance and reflection for those claimed by the pandemic, and a time to redouble our pastoral care for those dying and struggling with grief, and for those experiencing hardships and lasting harms from the pandemic and the consequent restrictions. Participating faith communities are invited to:

  • commit part of our services during this period to prayer and contemplation on how we can help heal the wounds in our society;
  • reflect on our calling to lead by example and to be a witness to the affirmation of the equal dignity of every person;
  • commit to living up to our critical role in fostering dialogue, softening hearts, building mutual understanding, and celebrating our shared humanity;
  • to join with one another to lift our collective voices to declare that there are no enemies amongst us.

A full copy of the statement can be found at:

Multifaith Vigil for Peace in Ukraine: A service of prayer, music, drumming, and dance

Multifaith Vigil for Peace in Ukraine: A service of prayer, music, drumming, and dance

You are invited to join together to pray for peace in Ukraine. Share your prayers for those injured or dying, those made homeless, those seeking refuge, and those who live in fear. A service of prayer, music, drumming, and dance. No politics, no judgment, no sides, no war… Prayers for healing and peace. Donations to the Red Cross.

Thursday, March 10 at 6pm
Lakeview United Church, 3200 McCallum Ave, Regina

All are welcome. Please wear masks. Full vaccination is strongly recommended.
The vigil will be livestreamed at

Planned by Rabbi Jeremy Parnes (Beth Jacob Synagogue), Rev. Carla Blakely (Lakeview Yellow Grass Shared Ministry), and Nicholas Jesson (Archdiocese of Regina) with the support of the Regina Multifaith Forum and members of the Ukrainian community.

Statement on the attack upon the Afzaal family in London, Ontario

Statement on the attack upon the Afzaal family in London, Ontario

To the Muslim community of Saskatchewan,

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan and Regina Multi-Faith Forum stand together in condemning the violence perpetrated against the Afzaal family and the Muslim community in London, Ontario on June 6, 2021. This intentional act is abhorrent to our membership of all faith traditions, and we offer our prayer and support to the Muslim community.

As multi-faith organizations who promote understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of our diverse religious communities and work towards a just and peaceful society, we affirm that there is no place for hatred, violence, or discrimination and we categorically denounce Islamophobia.

We offer our prayer and support to the Muslim community in Regina and around Saskatchewan as we work towards justice and harmony among all.

Nicholas Jesson
Multi-Faith Saskatchewan

Stephanie Molloy
Regina Multi-Faith Forum

All are invited to attend the Candle Light Vigil for Muslim family killed in London Ontario on Wednesday, June 9 at 7pm at the Saskatchewan Legislature.

Our Whole Society 2021: Free to Believe, Responsible to Act

Our Whole Society 2021: Free to Believe, Responsible to Act

The Canadian Interfaith Conversation is pleased to invite you to the Our Whole Society virtual conference on May 4, 2021

Please register HERE.

PANEL 1: Addressing challenges to freedom of religion or belief (1:00pm – 2:30pm EDT)

Canada’s legacy of protecting religious freedom is mixed. Early on the First Nations of Canada experienced the denial and suppression of their right to freedom of religion or belief. Traditional spiritual and religious ceremonies were banned and suppressed, while the Indian residential school system was designed to replace their own identity with another one. Despite long-standing legal protections for religious freedom reaching back to the Quebec Act of 1774 through to the 1982 Charter, this right continues to be debated in public and contested in court. Furthermore, new challenges are emerging from social media and other online platforms, which propagate hatred and prejudice that can generate real-world violence and persecution.

What role does protection for freedom of religion or belief play in fostering social understanding in a diverse Canadian society, in fostering reconciliation? To what extent does this freedom extend to protections for organizations, institutions, or even the natural environment? What new and old challenges are facing traditional, religious, spiritual and other communities as they seek to exercise these rights? How should we respond to the growth of religion-based prejudice in Canadian society, especially as it affects Indigenous and minority populations?


Professor Lori Beaman (Professor, University of Ottawa)
Bishop Bruce Myers (Bishop of Quebec, Anglican Church of Canada)
Rabbi Reuben Poupko (co-Chair, Canadian Rabbinic Caucus)

PANEL 2: Building social solidarity (3:00pm – 4:30pm EDT)

It seems that almost every social cleavage in Canada is deepening under the pressures of a divisive political discourse. These cleavages can be traced according to region, language, identity, class, or the religious-secular divide. Furthermore, the need to build social solidarity acquires greater urgency in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

What does it take to work across these divides and heal the body politic? What is the potential and actual contribution of religion and spirituality to this process? Where do we see new approaches to addressing inequality, fostering reconciliation, responding to the climate crisis, and building community at the grassroots of society?


Jamileh Naso (President, Canadian Yazidi Association)
Shannon Perez (Director, Indigenous Family Centre)
Akaash Maharaj (CEO, Mosaic Institute)

The conference will be held virtually in English and French.

Please register HERE.