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Winners for Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Project – 2020-21

Winners for Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Project – 2020-21

We are very pleased to announce the winners of our Annual Youth Visual Art Project for 2020-21:

1st Place: Sabine Wagner
2nd Place: Gavin Selinger
3rd Place: Angelica Rutkowski
4th Place: Keayan Alarcon-Souweha
5th Place: Shelby Sabo and Liv Anderson
6th Place: Pamela McEwen, Rebeka Russell, Nate Pelletier Littletent, and Hannah Lee Winkler
7th Place: Tadek Pusz-Bochenski, Tarilayefa Agbai, Brielle Parry, Grace Bolton, and Lexie Gollings

Thank you to all the students who participated in this project. Congratulations and all the best for your future endeavours!

3rd Place - Angelica Rutkowski, "Serenity"

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Artist: Angelica Rutkowski
Title: Serenity; Medium: Multimedia
We are a part of nature. Being in nature is what humans are made for. Water brings serenity and it relieves the soul.

National Highway to Harmonious Canada

National Highway to Harmonious Canada

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan and Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan collaborated in the production of this 45-minute video to mark the 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation. The project was supported by the Community Fund of Southern Saskatchewan as well as numerous cultural organizations, faith communities and volunteers. Access Communications donated its services in producing the video.

The main features of the video are the hopes and wishes by children of different faiths and cultural groups for a peaceful and harmonious Canada, silent prayers, cultural performances and the national anthem by all participants.

For more information about Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan visit .

You can view the video embedded below and share it with your networks.

Video Link


Ramadan Message from Our President

Ramadan Message from Our President

On behalf of the Board and members of Multi-Faith Saskatchewan, I am pleased to extend Ramadan Mubarak to all our brothers and sisters of the Muslim community at this time of Ramadan.  This is a time for increased religious devotion, self-examination and service, virtues that serve to inspire people of all faiths. We value the vital role of Islam in our community and wish you our best as you gather as family and friends and as you use this time to reach out to others in need.


Blessings and Peace

Moses Kanhai

President, Multi-Faith Saskatchewan 

Yorkton Public Meeting-Sept 10

Yorkton Public Meeting-Sept 10


Multi-faith Saskatchewan Inc is having a public meeting in Yorkton on Saturday, 10th of September at 2:00 PM. Yorkton meeting  will be held at St. Andrew’s United Church with Zarqa Nawaz as a guest speaker.

Selected art of Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art project-2016 shall also be exhibited.
You are cordially invited to this event.
Come one-come all. No entry fee. poster is attached




A project highlighting brief history of faiths in Saskatchewan was done and several brochures were created for community usage. The project was done jointly by Multi-Faith Saskatchewan and Regina Multi-Faith Forum. The description of faiths was obtained by consulting representatives from different faith groups. The project committee acknowledged the support of Multi Cultural Council of Saskatchewan in updating the information  gathered for the Saskatchewan Centennial Project “100 years of Different Faiths” which was completed in year 2005. Please refer to the attached brochure by clicking on the link: History of SK Faiths-Brochure

Multi-Faith Workshops and Fair, University of Regina

Multi-Faith Workshops and Fair, University of Regina

Multi-Faith Workshops and Fair-University of Regina

In cooperation with Regina Multi-faith Forum and Luther College, Multi-Faith Saskatchewan sponsored three evenings of interactive discussions/workshops featuring six world religions. Representatives from different faith groups were invited to deliver presentations in a classroom based environment.

There was an average of 30 people per evening and very positive evaluations were received. Multi-Faith Saskatchewan also held a Multi-faith Fair at the University of Regina which was open to the public. More than 100 hundred people were in attendance to view booths from more than ten religions and groups.

Multi-Faith Health Care Chart

Multi-Faith Health Care Chart

Multi-Faith Health Care Chart
The Faiths and Patient-Family-Centered-Care Health Care Chart provides basic information on Cultural Sensitivity, Dietary Requirements, Death and Dying customs for Eight different faith communities living across Saskatchewan and Canada.  The chart will be extremely useful for personnel in the medical profession dealing with patients from different faith backgrounds. With these guidelines, patients will be shown more respect and understanding and would feel more welcomed into the Health care Facilities. 

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan has received offer to send charts to all 12 Provincial Health Regions. The agencies within some other Regions have requested and received the charts to send out to their respective Healthcare Facilities. 
Multi-Faith Saskatchewan received a request for copies of Saskatchewan Multi-Faith chart at “Saskatchewan Hospice Palliative Care Association” conference in Moose Jaw May 30-June 1, 2012

Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) has also been provided the Health Care Chart. 
Designated Sacred Space Project

Designated Sacred Space Project

Designated Sacred Space Project

This project provides a memorial depicting unifying quotes from scriptures in different faiths. For sustainability, care of the earth pillars are installed depicting faith and cultural messages of interconnectedness and interdependence. The project provides a location where visitors passing through Louis Riel Trail can relax, learn, reflect, pray and meditate in the peaceful and natural environment of the Arm River Valley in Craik, Saskatchewan.


Edward Spratt

            Time and place are needed for quiet reflection.

            The idea of a “permanent prayer site off road between Saskatoon and Regina” 1 came from two meetings initiated by Edward Spratt, chair of the Three Rivers Trail Association (T.R.T.A.). Ed Spratt,a local resident of Mid-lakes Region with extensive personal and professional knowledge of the area, helped to develop the criteria that was used in the choice of the sacred site and organized tours of the area for the selection committee to view potential sites.  Once the site was chosen, he worked with Multi-Faith Sask, Craik Sustainable Living Project, Craik Eco-Centre and the T.R.T.A to have a public ceremony to announce the choice of the Sacred Site.  A granite marker was unveiled by the Saskatchewan Minister of Tourism on November 1st, 2008 to indicate the establishment of the Sacred Site overlooking Arm Lake near the Craik Eco-Centre.  See photo

The development of the Sacred Site is a reflection of the depth of Ed’s inner being and awareness of that which ties us to the land, to nature and ultimately the connection to the “spiritual.” Though a trained research scientist with a doctorate in agricultural chemistry, Ed was a man of faith and spirituality.  His family farm was his source of inner peace, his connection to the land and his touchstone to the universe.  His spirituality came from the land and from the tenets of his faith. He understood the significance of a sacred site for those who had no place for spiritual renewal. Sustainability of the land and spiritual renewal are linked just as the objectives of TRTA and Multi-Faith are linked.

Multi-Faith Saskatchewan sought a place for spiritual renewal; TRTA sought to promote the ‘spirit of the land’ through exploration of trails. As a member of Multi-Faith Sask, Ed knew that Three Rivers Trail Association could assist Multi-Faith Saskatchewan in the selection of a sacred site. Thirty-five people from Multi-Faith Saskatchewan and T.R.T.A. attended the initial meeting held July 29th, 2007 at Arm Lake Birding Site.  Subsequent meetings in 2007 and 2008 resulted in site selection, the marker unveiling and the final plan for the Sacred Site near the Craik Eco-Centre.

*The message of sustainability and renewal of resources was clear to Ed.

To be connected to the land, one must have a sense of wholeness. To care for the land, to care for ourselves, to see what is before us, to understand the power and the fragility of the earth and to understand why we must look for ways to sustain it and ourselves, we must feel a part of the whole.  If we are not part of the whole, we cannot know how to make the earth sustainable.

In 2009, Ed spent as much time as he could at his family farm to reconnect to the ‘spirit of the land’- his inner source of strength and peace and to be in the company of his family, especially,his children and grandchildren who were a cornerstone of his life.

Edward Duncan Spratt-November 21,1936-January 31,2010.

The time to slow down and just be is often missing in our lives and to seek the place of connection often is just another thing we add to our ‘to do list.’ The Sacred Site has been provided for us if want to slow down and reflect. The time is at our choosing.

1  Spratt, Edward. Three Rivers Trail Association Newsletter #14, October 27,2007.