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Winners for Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Project – 2020-21

Winners for Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Project – 2020-21

We are very pleased to announce the winners of our Annual Youth Visual Art Project. Here is the list of names:

1st Place: Sabine Wagner. 

2nd Place: Gavin Selinger. 

3rd Place: Angelica Rutkowski.  

4th Place: Keayan Alarcon-Souweha. 

5th Place: Shelby Sabo, Liv Anderson. 

6th Place

Pamela McEwen,
Rebelia Russell, 
Nate Pelletier Littletent, 
Hannah Lee Winkler. 

7th Place

Tadeusz Pusz-Boahenski,
Tarilayefa Agbai, 
Brielle Parry, 
Grace Bolton, 
Lexie Gollings.  

Thanks to all the students who participated in this project. Congratulations and all the best for your future endeavours!

Multifaith Saskatchewan AGM 2019-2020

Multifaith Saskatchewan AGM 2019-2020

Hello Everyone

This year Multifaith Saskatchewan will hold its AGM on July 29, 2020 (5pm to 7pm) and on a virtual or remote platform due to the ongoing pandemic. The meeting will occur on Zoom link.

The Guest speaker for the AGM is Rev. Dr. David Holmes of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good and the Calgary Inter-Faith Council. He has been an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada for 32 years. Learning is his passion, and this has taken him into degrees at the Vancouver School of Theology and Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, training in spiritual direction, non-profit leadership, educational supervision, and community organizing. He is currently involved in the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good and the Calgary Inter-Faith Council, and is a team minister at Knox United Church in Calgary (but only for a few more days). He’s married to Karen with two grown sons.

Please contact Amr Henni (amr.henni [at] uregina [dot] ca) to obtain the zoom link to participate in the meeting and other documents for the AGM. Please feel free to share this information with those who will be interested. We look forward to having your presence on this virtual platform and shape the future of Multifaith Saskatchewan.

Digital Presentation of Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Project-2019

Digital Presentation of Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Project-2019


Dear friend,
Please find below the link to the digital presentation of the selected art of the year 2019.

Please review and enjoy the art presentation-2019. Discuss it with your students and others, the messages of love, unity in diversity, care of mother earth and peaceful living for all, given by Saskatchewan art students.

We request art teachers and other citizens to give us their input so that we could improve the digital presentation for the coming year.

Our aim is to reach out to communities with positive social messages for present and future peaceful living for all as visioned by our youth.


Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Committee-2020

Buddhist Festival, April 21

Buddhist Festival, April 21

 Invitation from Buddhist community

Baishaki ( New year & Water festival ) will held at Buddhist Centre on Sunday 21st April


 The rituals ceremony will be start at 10.30am.  12 Noon- Lunch and after Lunch, the cultural event will be performed by different community groups.

Award Winners Announcement-Visual Art Project 2019

Award Winners Announcement-Visual Art Project 2019

Here is the list for the Award Winners for our Youth Visual Art Project 2019. Congratulations to all of you. We would like to thank you for your  participation in this project and to make it even more better. We look forward to seeing you on April 13th and to give the awards to you.

May you all be successful in your endeavors towards your life, academics and career.